The Human Defense
Security Awareness

"Security is not a technology solution, it's a human resolution." Jay Gatten

Are your employees habits creating risk?

About Us

Who is Aithne?

Aithne is a Gaelic word for Aware.
The Human Defense

Humans touch everything we do in technology and security.  
We have resolved with the fact that humans are ultimately the best defense.
Our commitment is to creating YOUR repeatable, achievable, and measurable awareness program. 

Since 2013 Aithne has delivered our commitment to repeatable, achievable, and measurable solutions in a number of markets:

  • Gas Utility Industry
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Electric Utilities
  • Cable Communications & Internet Service Providers
  • State and Local Government

Why is Security Awareness important?

Based on statistics coming out of the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. Last year’s breaches, events and incidents are strong indicators that the investment in just technology as a sole purpose defensive measure, just isn't working.

In 2017, 92% of breaches leveraged employee email habits to gain access and load malicious software (malware) to steal the commodity, DATA. This statistic has been consistent since 2009. It's not solely the result of a technology failure, but the lack of providing awareness to employees about their direct impact on security.

We'll help utilize your employees as your greatest asset defending your customer and employee information while minimizing damage to your brands reputation. 

Is Security embedded in your cultures DNA?

We'll guide you in influencing a cultural shift from "security as a policy" to "security as a business value". Develop repeatable, achievable and measurable programs to move your organization closer to security as part of your DNA.

Our passion will translate into a shift in culture by engaging your employees in a conversation about security.

  • Do your employees habits increase the risk of a breach?

  • Is Security perceived in your organization as policy only?

  • Does the culture understand the ‘value of security’?

  • Has the concept of your security program taken on an air of complexity?

How can we help?

How we achieve Enterprise Level Awareness?

Our program development includes the following areas: 

Our program development will provide a focused approach increasing: 

  • Strength of security projects with the development of a Defense-in-Depth strategic model 
  • Efficiencies in your GRC program and tools to include capability design, readiness, and implementation support 
  • Execution of an iterative approach to enhance policies and controls 

How can we assist you?

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